Commercial Residential


DSC03015Having had an appreciation for cooking and the culinary arts instilled at an early age, the kitchen was always at the center of our family life. I have since come to enjoy working on and building all manner of kitchen spaces. There is usually a lot of cabinetry/woodworking and/or multi-functional furniture incorporated as well. Although painted cabinetry is the most popular finish, I have also performed kitchens in Heart Pine, White Pine, Red and White Oak, Hickory, Red Cedar, Maple, Walnut, Poplar and Brushed Aluminum. I work closely with my clients in both the design and implementation phases, focusing on their anticipations. My clients are frequently surprised to discover the outcomes have exceeded the expectations.


DSC03001I’ve built several types of furniture for different functions, chairs, benches, coffee/side and dining tables, corner cabinets, China cabinets, display cabinets and cases, storage chests, chests of drawers, bedside tables, platform and moveable bed frames and desks and filing cabinets. I use many diverse species of lumber, primarily focusing on domestic species. Being an artist, I can also include paintings and sculpture as interior furnishings.


DSC02966Everyone needs efficient storage, I can provide storage systems in closets and other spaces which would otherwise go to waste. Proper management of personal items is of utmost importance in efficient living. I typically install faced plywood systems which I make in shop.


DSC02961Carpentry or building anything out of wood, from homes to additions to remodeling and renovations. All parts of a home or office can benefit from skillful carpentry.
Delineate or create new spaces or maintain old ones……


DSC02994I use a lot of tile in my business, I used to tile more but have deferred to a local tile company recently to improve my efficiency as a builder. I work with them in designing and implementation of jobs which enhance my projects. We also work with a variety of stones and granites, particularly in kitchens and baths.