Artistic Woodworking


DSC02922I’ve been fortunate to have several clients who let me add an artistic flair to the work that I do. It is a great opportunity to exercise creativity and still build. Usually the material is wood but I like to incorporate other elements as well. I particularly enjoy using wood as the sculptures or installations will change over time, a slow evolution. I perform the installations both as a builder and an artist so that they are structurally sound and well anchored.

On-Site Work

DSC02998Due to the integration of woodworking into the home, a lot of work is performed on-site. I prefer to work many “kinks” out in the shop before installation occurs. I love to work “al fresco”, loosely translated “in the moment”,and both guide and let myself be guided by the work.

Masks and Other Small Pieces

DSC02933I love masks and have looked at them from diverse regions. I am particularly enamored with the masks of the northwest indigenous people. I can only suggest the complex stories that give birth to these creations. I have unqualified admiration for their discipline. Some that I have made borrow elements of different cultures and some are wild bursts of imagination. There will be more to come.